Here are some common questions we are currently getting.
If we haven’t answered your question below, please email us using the contact form.

When is the next Competition?
Once we start the first round on May 17th we will see what worked and what hasn’t worked during the competition. From there we will aim to hold another hopefully not too far in the future and allowing you to run your own competitions in your city.
How do I register?
Sign Up to the newsletter and as soon as a new competition comes up you will be notified. Make sure to list your city so we can update you what is happening in your area.
Will there a competition in my City?
We plan to grow the competition across all cities. We will also be putting together some documents to help you run your own.
How much will it cost?
The first Competition is 100% free. It is a trial run – there will be no prizes. However in future we hope to have prizes so an entry fee may be required to make this happen.