The first ShootingRAW group collaboration project at South Bank Parklands, Brisbane

ShootingRAW South Bank

Group Briefing

It’s a moderately sunny afternoon along the river at South Bank Parklands and the group have started to gather. A cool breeze is in the air and the laughter of children in the background echoes around us. You can feel the tension as they all look around to see if they know anyone they may have worked with as they introduce themselves.




ShootingRAW South Bank

Team 4 before starting

Pat starts the roll call and ladies and gentleman its show time. A quick run down on boundaries, the release forms are signed and the brief is handed out with no more instructions. 4 Teams were formed and are now on their own with some teams choosing to hang back at “base” to start their make-up while others split up and scout locations to work with.







Visit South Bank have been asked to provide an image for the cover of a national tourism magazine. They are wanting photos that portray the creative side of South Bank. Images must include talent .

ShootingRAW South Bank

Katie in an action shot with Team 3

The day went on with spits of rain and wind but that didn’t stop the teams, they ventured on. As there was no time limit we did not expect teams to stay out as long as they did. I believe the round of drinks pack down finished at about 6:30pm, just after the sun had set.

Photographers have two weeks from shooting date to deliver 1 final image as their entry (31st of May). Editing is allowed with the only restriction – no composites. Photographers are allowed to remove anything from the image but are not allowed to add anything to it. Whether it be a building, person, object or replacing the sky.

The images will then be judged by a Professional photographer who will judge on the technical aspects and also a Creative Director who will look at it based on the relevance of the image to the brief.


What next?
We will be collecting feedback from the first group to see what we need to change. We’ve already had a few ideas on what we need to change. If you have an idea you would like to see please drop us an email using the contact form or if you are interested in being part of future projects register your details.