Entries officially closed!

RSVPs for the first ShootingRAW competition went out earlier today and all spots have now been filled.

The photographers for the first round:

  • Sarah Pembroke
  • Gina Zamecnik
  • Geoff Hopkinson
  • Gavin Busby – disqualified. Failure to submit
  • Stefan Cooper-Fox
  • Gavin Goeldner
  • Mark Duffus
  • Jade Read



  • Mikaela P
  • Miriam JB
  • Katie M
  • Kristin W
  • Georgie MS
  • Zaria Z
  • Elana V



  • Josleen Hawas
  • Kayla Hemmings
  • Megan B
  • Lourdes


If you missed out this round, we hope to see you at the next competition.


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